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Tired of software applications that barely meet your requirements?
vulnarSystems has experience in interpreting your requirements and transforming them into purpose built software applications that help you do your business.

Your business is running your business!
Our business is building software applications that help you run your business.

Are you running your business blind folded?
Our purpose built software will assist you unearth the hidden potential of your business by:
  • Automating your mundane tasks
  • Reducing user input error through extensive input validation
  • Following your business processes, not forcing you to adapt to the software
  • Simplifying the interaction between you and the system, letting the software worry about the complex stuff behind the scenes.
  • Providing you with historical data, real time reports and future projections to assist you in decision making.

Software Licensing messing with your cash flow?
vulnarSystems provides several licensing models in all our products in order to allow you to pick what fits your business.
  • Life time License
    If you want to pay for your license once and forget about it, get a perpetual license. This type of license provides you with life time access to your copy of the software

  • Rental License
    If you are looking to minimise the effect on your cash flow, you can opt for the rental license. In this type of licensing you pay a nominal fee for your license on a continual basis (monthly, quarterly or yearly). This is perfect for you if you are worried about your cash flow and want to spread the cost of your licenses over a period of time.

  • Pay as you earn License
    This license scheme allows you to pay an agreed percentage of each sale captured on the system on a monthly basis. Result, no sale no pay! You only pay when you have actually made a sale. This is perfect for you if you are not yet sure about your potential sales volumes.

We understand that you do not work alone
This is why when we develop our software we always make them multi user.
Our products allow:
  • Unlimited number of concurrent users
  • You to decide who gets access to which modules and features

Access on the move?
We do not want to confine you to one place.
  • Access your hosted service from anywhere in the world through the internet
  • Access your on-premise solution from anywhere within your local area network

Internet bandwidth a problem?
We provide on-premises solutions for such cases; this means that your software is installed at your business compound, eliminating the dependence on the internet to run your business. Our applications are specifically built to be lightweight which allows them to run happily on ‘regular desktops’, no need for specialise server hardware. If you are using one of our applications that also features a cloud service, you can easily migrate from your on-premise solution should you determine that your internet connection is reliable enough.